Damage Policy - Apples

Though we try our very best, to ensure that your apples reach you safe and fresh, there is a possibility that due to factors beyond our control, apples could be damaged during transportation to the customer.

Below is our policy in case of receipt of damaged apples:

  1. MOST IMPORTANT: Customer has to inform us in writing of any damage within 1 hour of receiving order with supporting evidence in the form of clear video and photos on our Customer Support WhatsApp or Email. Delivery time is as given by our Shipping Agency, Gati-KWE PVT LTD. As per support policy listed at https://www.tonsvalleyapples.com/pages/support, message on any other channel other than our official Customer Support WhatsApp & Email will not be acknowledged or responded to, and will be considered invalid.
  2. Definition of damage: Puncturing or tearing of skin of fruit | fruit arrived in rotted state | pressure denting with diameter of dent exceeding 30mm
  3. Under no circumstances will a customer be refunded for damaged apples. Our liability is limited to one-time replacement of apples per order. There will be no further replacement if a replacement order is damaged.
  4. Upto 4 apples damaged in a box - no compensation or replacement as this comes under 'factors beyond our control'.
  5. Upto 15 apples damaged in a box - Discount Code at cost per damaged apple will be issued for customer to redeem amount in any future purchase at our company websites www.tonsvalleyapples.com or www.tonsvalley.shop. Customer can indicate preference.
  6. More than 16 apples damaged in a box - Replacement box issued to customer.
  7. CHARITABLE DONATION 25-KG APPLE BOX - Damage or loss claims for this box are not accepted. We take no responsibility for this box after it is shipped.
The decision by the management of Tons Trails Private Limited will be final on any customer complaint. All disputes are subject to judicial jurisdiction of the state of Uttarakhand, India.

Date: July 15, 2021