Your Tons Valley Apple Box


This is your Tons Valley Apple Box:
For the 2021 season we are using a simple and rugged single-layer apple box. The box has been custom manufactured to our specifications to give maximum edge stacking strength.

Thickness: 5-PLY
Paper Quality: 180GSM
Dimensions (cm, LxBxH): 48x31x10

No of apples in each box:

Regular - 30

Premium - 25

You apples are packed in high-quality Mohan Fibre trays and with a layer of bubble wrap at the bottom and top of the apple box as shown below:
Super Saver (80 COUNT) apples are packed in a 2-layer Box. Dimensions (cm, LxBxH): 48x31x20
Our effort is to ensure that your apples reach you safe and fresh!